SAS Base & Advanced

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Course Overview

Xpertised Offers Advanced and Personalized Instructor Led Online Classroom training on SAS Base & Advanced which gives you the opportunity to interact with a SAS Base & Advanced instructor and help you enhance yourself to meet the demands of the industry.

Learn from our instructors from the convenience of your home or office. Interact and learn live with trainers and other participants.

Course Content



  • course logistics
  • overview of Foundation SAS

Getting Started with SAS

  • introduction to SAS programs
  • submitting a SAS program

Working with SAS Syntax

  • mastering fundamental concepts
  • diagnosing and correcting syntax errors

Getting Familiar with SAS Data Sets

  • examining descriptor and data portions
  • accessing SAS data libraries
  • accessing relational databases (self-study)

Reading SAS Data Sets

  • introduction to reading data
  • using SAS data as input
  • subsetting observations and variables
  • adding permanent attributes

Reading Excel Worksheets

  • using Excel data as input
  • doing more with Excel worksheets (selfstudy)

Reading Delimited Raw Data Files

  • using standard delimited data as input
  • using nonstandard delimited data as input

Validating and Cleaning Data

  • introduction to validating and cleaning data
  • examining data errors when reading raw data files
  • validating data with the PRINT and FREQ Procedures
  • validating data with the MEANS and UNIVARIATE procedures
  • cleaning invalid data

Manipulating Data

  • creating variables
  • creating variables conditionally
  • subsetting observations

Combining SAS Data Sets

  • introduction to combining data sets
  • appending a data set (selfstudy)
  • concatenating data sets
  • merging data sets one-to-one
  • merging data sets one-to-many
  • merging data sets with nonmatches

Enhancing Reports

  • using global statements
  • adding labels and formats
  • creating user-defined formats
  • subsetting and grouping observations
  • directing output to external files

Producing Summary Reports

  • using the FREQ procedure
  • using the MEANS procedure
  • using the TABULATE procedure (self-study)

Introduction to Graphics Using 

SAS/GRAPH (Self-Study)

  • creating bar and pie charts
  • creating plots
  • enhancing output


  • Introduction to the Macro Facility 
  • Purpose of the macro facility 
  • Program flow 
  • Course data and logistics 

Macro Variables 

  • Introduction to macro variables 
  • Automatic macro variables 
  • Macro variable references 
  • User-defined macro variables 
  • Delimiting macro variable names 
  • Macro functions 

Macro Definitions 

  • Defining and calling macros 
  • Macro parameters 

DATA Step and SQL Interfaces 

  • Creating macro variables in the DATA step 
  • Indirect references to macro variables 
  • Retrieving macro variables in the DATA step 
  • Creating macro variables in SQL 

Macro Programs 

  • Conditional processing 
  • Iterative processing 
  • Global and local symbol tables 

Proc SQL 

Basic Queries 

  • Overview of the SQL procedure 
  • Specifying columns 
  • Specifying rows 

Displaying Query Results 

  • Presenting data 
  • Summarizing data 


  • Non correlated subqueries
  • Correlated subqueries (self-study) 

SQL Joins 

  • Introduction to SQL joins 
  • Complex SQL joins 

Set Operators 

  • Introduction to set operators 
  • The EXCEPT operator 
  • The INTERSECT operator 
  • The UNION operator 
  • The OUTER UNION operator 

Creating Tables and Views 

  • Creating views with the SQL procedure 
  • Creating tables with the SQL procedure (self-study) 
  • Integrity constraints (self-study)

Additional SQL Procedure Features 

  • Setting SQL procedure options 
  • Dictionary tables and views
  • Interfacing PROC SQL with the macro language 
  • Program testing and performance 

Managing Tables 

  • Introduction to indexes 
  • Creating indexes (self-study) 
  • Maintaining tables 

Customer Reviews

Thanks to Xpertised and the tutor who walked me through all the topics with Practical exposure which is helping me in my current project.

Course was quite helpful in terms of understanding of concepts and practicality. Its really a very friendly environment to learn. The timing were mutually chosen, as we both are working professional. I am quite satisfied with the course.


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