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Course Overview

Xpertised Offers Advanced and Personalized Instructor Led Online Classroom training on Peoplesoft HRMS which gives you the opportunity to interact with a Peoplesoft HRMS instructor and help you enhance yourself to meet the demands of the industry.

Learn from our instructors from the convenience of your home or office. Interact and learn live with trainers and other participants.

Course Content

PeopleSoft HRMS basics

  • Types of tables
    • PS_PERSONAL_DATA, PS_JOB (Base Table)
    • PS_EARNINGS_TBL (Control Table)
    • PS_BENEFITS_VW (Views)
    • PS_EMPLOYEES (Reporting Tables)
    • PS_TREENODE (Application Tables)
    • SUB-RECORDS (Non Tables)
  • The core tables
  • PeopleSoft Processes
  • Using the Application Designer to find Table Definitions
    • Querying Tables
    • Cross-Referencing Fields
    • Cross-Referencing Panels and Tables
  • Dissecting a PeopleSoft Table

Effective dating

  • Concepts Underlying Effective Dating
  • Basic Effective Date Sub-Query
  • Additional Criteria with a Sub-Query

Understanding Control Tables

  • Structure of a Control Tables
  • Adding a Control Table to a Query
  • Using Effective Status

Reporting tables

  • Reporting Tables Overview
  • The Employee Table
  • Benefits Plan data table
  • Benefits Personal Data Table
  • Employees Table
  • Enrollments

PeopleSoft Human Resources

Personal Information

  • Personal Data
    • Identifying Employees
    • PeopleSoft Name Format
    • Resident Address and Phone
    • Non-Employees on Personal Data
    • Original Hire Date
    • Birth Information
    • Educational Status
    • Referrals
    • Citizenship Status
    • Personal Data for Other Countries
  • Understanding Effective Dated Personal Data
    • Name Differences
  • Using Social Security Numbers
    • The NID Table and Identifiers
    • National Ids
    • Querying the National ID

The Job Tables

  • Identifying Jobs On PS_JOB
  • Storing History: Effective Sequence
    • Tracking Actions
  • Actions and Action Reasons
  • Linking Employees to Common Data
  • Human Resource Settings
  • Payroll Settings
    • Company and Paygroup
    • Tracking Hourly Employees and FTE
    • Other Payroll Identifiers
    • Compensations
  • Benefit Settings
    • Benefits Status
    • Benefits Base Rate
    • Custom Fields
    • FLSA Status


  • Employee Status Field
  • The Status Date
  • Long Term Disability Issue

Compensation History

Position/Job History

Corporate Hierarchy

Employment Information

  • Position Management Fields
  • Payroll Settings
  • Benefits administration flag 

Background Information

PeopleSoft Payroll

Working with Payroll

  • Payroll Tables
  • Looking at a Specific Payroll Run
    • Paycheck table with Payroll Queries
    • Payroll Keys
    • Current Payroll
    • Pay Run Id
    • Payroll Dates
    • Multiple Jobs
    • Taking Deductions
  • General Ledger
  • The Payroll Process
    • Paysheets
    • Payroll Calculations
    • Payroll Confirmation
    • Identifying Payroll Process Achievements
  • Batch Processing Payroll Data

The Paycheck

  • How do Paychecks Created
  • The Paycheck tables
    • Payroll keys
    • Alternate Keys
    • Paycheck Accounting
  • Different Kinds of Paychecks


  • Defining Earnings
    • Earn Codes
    • Defining an Earnings
  • Retrieving Earnings for an Employee
    • Pay Earnings Table
  • Feeding PeopleSoft


  • Getting to know Deductions
    • Deduction Code and Class
    • Defining Deduction
  • Enrolling Employees In Deductions
    • General Deductions Tables
    • Verifying Eligibility
  • Retrieving Deductions
    • The Pay Deduction Table


  • Tax Location
    • State and Locality
    • The Other States
    • Tax Location Code
  • Defining A Tax
    • Local Taxes
    • State and Federal Taxes
    • Tax Types/Rates
  • Employee Tax Elections
    • Special Withholding/Allowances
    • FICA and EIC
    • W-2 Settings
    • State Settings
    • Local Settings
  • Retrieving Taxes


  • Setting up Garnishments
    • Employee Garnishment Specifications
  • Retrieving Garnishments
    • The Pay Garnish table
  • An Accounts Payable Interface          

Year End Processing

  • The W-2 Design
    • W-2 Parameters
    • Adding Data Using Delivered Reports
    • Multiple W-2s
  • Using W-2 Tables

PeopleSoft Benefits

Navigating Benefits

  • Introductions To Benefits
    • Understanding Benefits Administration
  • Basic Benefits Terminology
    • Benefit Plans and Plan Type
    • Benefits Program
    • Defining a Benefit Program
    • Defining Plan and Plan Type Setting for a Program
    • Linking Plans
    • Specifying Benefit Plan Settings
    • Benefit Program Costs
  • Benefits Control Tables
    • Base Benefits Control Tables
    • Benefits Administration Control Tables
  • The Benefits Administration Process
    • BAS Activity / Manual Entry
    • On Demand Event Maintenance
  • Tracking PeopleSoft Benefits
    • Benefits Interfaces
    • Benefits Reports

Health and life plan Elections

  • Elections
  • Dates
  • Determining the Current Enrollments
  • Locating a Terminations
  • Life Plans

Dependents And Beneficiaries

  • How are Dependents and Beneficiaries Stored
  • Locating all dependents for a Participant
  • Determining Dependent Coverage


  • Rate tables
  • Calculation rates

PeopleSoft Query and SQR Tools

PeopleSoft Query

  • Query Basics
  • Advanced Query Topics

Using SQR with PeopleSoft

  • Why SQR
  • Using SQR with PeopleSoft
  • Types Of SQR
  • Basic SQR Nested Query
  • Understanding Delivered SQR Programs

PeopleSoft Security 

  • Understanding PeopleSoft Security Architecture
  • Security Design
  • Security In The Implementation Cycle
  • Developer Security
  • Batch Process Security
  • Reporting Security – PS Query/ PS n-Vision
  • Application Security
  • Security Administration

People Code

  • Understanding PeopleCode and Events
  • Using PeopleCode Editor
  • PeopleCode Language
  • Understanding Objects and Classes in PeopleCode
  • Using Methods and Built In Functions
  • PeopleCode and Component Processor
  • PeopleCode and PeopleSoft Internet Architecture

People Tools

  • Relational Database Basics In PeopleSoft
  • Data Validation
  • PeopleSoft Application Design
    • Designing the Application
    • Define New Fields
    • Create the Record Definition
    • Build the SQL Table
    • Create the Page Definition
    • Define the Component
    • Create the Menu Definition
    • Enable the Menu Security
    • Test the Application
    • Review Create An Application

Customer Reviews

Thanks to Xpertised and the tutor who walked me through all the topics with Practical exposure which is helping me in my current project.

Course was quite helpful in terms of understanding of concepts and practicality. Its really a very friendly environment to learn. The timing were mutually chosen, as we both are working professional. I am quite satisfied with the course.


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