Microservices Architecture

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Course Overview

Xpertised Offers Advanced and Personalized Instructor Led Online Classroom training on Microservices Architecture which gives you the opportunity to interact with a Microservices Architecture instructor and help you enhance yourself to meet the demands of the industry.

Learn from our instructors from the convenience of your home or office. Interact and learn live with trainers and other participants. Identify the characteristics of popular Microservices and understand the design differences Expose an Application Program Interface for the application Get to know about the Service patterns: Adapters, Pipelines, Gateways and Choreography Understand how to make the appropriate Microservice Architecture decision Understand about the monitor and maintain Microservices in large ecosystems Review various approaches to infrastructure used in deploying Microservices Understand and differentiate between various Microservices Architectural styles Understand how to apply Microservices Architecture principles Creating Microservices using messaging and events

Course Content

Introduction to  Microservices?     

  • Small and focused
  • Loosely coupled
  • Language-neutral
  • Bounded Context                 
  • Comparing microservices and monolithic architectures

Benefits from Microservices      

  • Enterprise solutions context
  • Service management perspective
  • Business owner perspective
  • Challenges with a monolithic architecture
  • Developer perspective
  • Tester perspective

How is this different than service-oriented architecture?    

  • Case studies and most common architectural patterns
  • Example scenarios using microservices
  • An e-commerce discount site
  • Large brick-and-mortar retailer
  • Financial Services Company

What to avoid with Microservices   

  • keep an eye on the latency dispute
  • Don’t create too many microservice
  • Don’t start with microservices     
  • Don’t even think about microservices without DevOps
  • Don’t manage your own infrastructure

Characteristics of Microservices architecture    

  • Evolutionary design
  • Business-oriented
  • Decentralized data management
  • Design for failure
  • Discoverability
  • Dealing with complexity
  • Inter-service communication design

Designing Microservices     

  • Use design thinking to scope and identify microservices
  • Choosing the implementation stack
  • Sizing the microservices

Microservices and DevOps

  • Why use DevOps
  • Introduction to DevOps       
  • Organizing teams to support microservices
  • Organize a DevOps team to support other microservices teams

REST API and messaging      

  • REST
  • Messaging
  • REST and messaging together

DevOps and Microservices

  • Why you should use DevOps
  • Defining DevOps
  • Organize a DevOps team to support other microservices teams
  • DevOps is a prerequisite to well-adopting microservices
  • Organizing teams to support microservices

Microservices governance     

  • Centralized versus decentralized governance
  • DevOps capabilities: Testing strategies for microservices
  • Building a sufficient testing strategy
  • Enterprise transformation for microservices                             
  • Considerable testing methods

DevOps capabilities for Microservices architecture 

  • Continuous business planning
  • Continuous integration and collaborative development
  • Continuous release and deployment
  • Continuous testing and monitoring
  • Continuous customer feedback and optimization

Customer Reviews

Thanks to Xpertised and the tutor who walked me through all the topics with Practical exposure which is helping me in my current project.

Course was quite helpful in terms of understanding of concepts and practicality. Its really a very friendly environment to learn. The timing were mutually chosen, as we both are working professional. I am quite satisfied with the course.


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