IOT Certification on Azure

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Course Overview

Xpertised Offers Advanced and Personalized Instructor Led Online Classroom training on IOT Certification on Azure which gives you the opportunity to interact with a IOT Certification on Azure instructor and help you enhance yourself to meet the demands of the industry.

Learn from our instructors from the convenience of your home or office. Interact and learn live with trainers and other participants. Get insights into IoT Decision Framework and IoT architecture Use OpenCV-Python for Face Detection, reorganisation and Sense-HAT board Demonstration of Azure IoT Hub APIs Understanding of IoT Decision Framework and IoT architecture Architect an End-to-End Solution using Azure, Raspberry Pi and Sense HAT Develop communication solutions several IoT Networking Protocols are used Perform Data Analytics on the collected sensor data

Course Content

Introduction to the Internet of Things

  • Introduction to IoT and working of IoT
  • Understand the difference between IoT device and Embedded device
  • IoT device properties
  • IoT Ecosystem
  • IoT Decision Framework
  • Models of IoT Solution Architecture
  • How IoT is Transforming Businesses
  • Main IoT Boards in Marketplace
  • About Raspberry Pi

Setting up Raspberry Pi and Sensors (Sense HAT Board)

  • Set up Raspberry Pi
  • Showing working of Raspberry Pi using Team Viewer and SSH Client
  • Understand Sensing actions
  • Understand the MEMS and Actuators

Creating Solutions with Sense HAT Board and Raspberry Pi

  • Build weather station by using Python and Sense HAT
  • Understand the Preparation of Google Spreadsheet for weather data collection
  • Understand OpenCV

IoT Communication Protocols

  • Wireless Communication types
  • Major wireless Short-range communication devices, properties, comparison of these devices (Bluetooth, WIFI, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN)
  • Major wireless Long-range communication devices, properties, comparison of these devices (Cellular IoT, LPWAN)

IoT with Microsoft Azure

  • What is Cloud and its Infrastructure
  • How IoT and Cloud deployment can create an effective IoT Solution
  • Azure IoT Hub components

Implementing IoT with Azure

  • Register Raspberry Pi on Azure IoT Hub
  • Send and Receive messages from Raspberry Pi over Azure IoT Hub
  • Create dock a container and Storage account
  • View Data On-premise with Azure Storage Explorer
  • For Data Visualization, Configure Web App settings

Remote Monitoring

  • Plan how to customise a solution to meet specific requirements
  • Build a service bus namespace and add a queue to it
  • Add an endpoint and a routing rule to your IoT hub
  • Create, configure, and test a logic app

Edge Computing and Analytics

  • Data Analytics
  • Edge Computing
  • Azure IoT Edge
  • Azure IoT Edge Components
  • Azure IoT Edge Architecture

Customer Reviews

Thanks to Xpertised and the tutor who walked me through all the topics with Practical exposure which is helping me in my current project.

Course was quite helpful in terms of understanding of concepts and practicality. Its really a very friendly environment to learn. The timing were mutually chosen, as we both are working professional. I am quite satisfied with the course.


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