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Course Overview

Xpertised Offers Advanced and Personalized Instructor Led Online Classroom training on IBM AS400 which gives you the opportunity to interact with a IBM AS400 instructor and help you enhance yourself to meet the demands of the industry.

Learn from our instructors from the convenience of your home or office. Interact and learn live with trainers and other participants. The course outline focuses on understanding the system capabilities, program development tools, info ideas, and system management from a programming perspective.

Course Content

What is an AS/400?

  • History of AS/400
  • AS/400 Architecture
  • Communication Capabilities

The AS/400 User Interface

  • The Menu System
  • Control Language
  • The Command Line Interface
  • Commands and Parameters
  • The Prompt Facility
  • The Help Facility
  • Tailoring Assistance Levels
  • Attn and SysReq Keys
  • Messages and Message Queues
  • Sending Messages
  • Viewing and Responding

AS/400 Work Management Concepts

  • Interactive and Batch Jobs
  • Controlling Jobs
  • Submitting and Scheduling Batch Jobs

AS/400 Security Concepts

  • Security Levels
  • User Profiles
  • Special Authorities
  • Object Authorities
  • Limit Capabilities

The Object Based Architecture

  • Library Concepts
  • Object Types and Attributes
  • Library Lists
  • Libraries Objects and Members

The Object Based Architecture

  • Library Concepts
  • Object Types and Attributes
  • Library Lists
  • Libraries Objects and Members

AS/400 Database Concepts

  • DB2/400 Relational Database Support
  • Database Capabilities
  • Storage Management
  • Data Description Specifications
  • Creating Physical Files
  • Using Field Reference Files
  • Creating Logical Files
  • External File Definitions
  • Using Data File Utility (DFU)
  • Operational Considerations

The Integrated File System

  • Cleaning Up Your System
  • The System Start-up Job

AS/400 Programming utilities

  • Using Program Development Manager(PDM)
  • Working with Libraries, Objects and Members
  • Using PDM

Using Source Entry Utility (SEU)

  • The Edit Display
  • SEU Line Commands
  • Find/Change Options
  • Browse/Copy Options
  • SEU Session Defaults

Screen Design Aid (SDA)

  • Creating Simple Displays
  • Adding Constants and Data Fields
  • Using Reference Fields
  • Using Multiple Record Formats
  • Overlays and Windows
  • Creating Help Text
  • Creating Menus

CL/400 Programming

  • Introduction to Control Language
  • What is CL?
  • Command Names
  • Command Parameters
  • The AS/400 User Interface

Basic CL Programming

  • Creating CL Programs
  • Structure of a CL Source Member
  • Declaring Variables
  • Manipulating Variables
  • CL Control Structures
  • Expressions
  • Controlling Workflow
  • Basic Error Handling

Input/Output in a CL Program

  • Passing Parameters
  • Using external Attributes
  • Files and Data Areas


  • Query/400 Introduction
  • Physical and Logical Files
  • Relational Database Systems
  • AS/400 Libraries
  • Defining a Query
  • Selecting Reporting Options
  • Defining Result Fields
  • Using Expressions
  • Joining Files
  • Performance Considerations

RPG/400 programming
Introduction to Programming and RPG

  • Calculations and Basic Operations
  • Arithmetic Operations
  • Assignment Operations
  • EVAL Operation and Expressions

Numeric Operations

  • Character Operations
  • Data Definition
  • Data Definition Methods
  • Definition Specification
  • Work Fields
  • Data Structures
  • Named Constants
  • Indicators

Tables and Arrays

  • Defining Tables in RPG
  • Compile Time Tables
  • Pre-Runtime Tables
  • Table Look-Ups
  • Multiple Related Tables
  • Changing Table Values
  • Arrays
  • Calculations with Arrays
  • Array Look-Ups
  • The Indicator Array
  • Output With Arrays

Date and Time Processing
Control Logic in RPG

  • Structured Programming Concepts
  • Selection Operations
  • Iteration Operations
  • Loops and Early Exits
  • Unstructured Operations
  • Subroutines
  • Specific Scope Terminators

Externally Defined Files

  • AS/400 Approach to Database Files
  • Defining Physical Files with DDS
  • Defining Logical Files with DDS
  • RPG Programming with Externally
  • Defined Files
  • Using Field Reference Files
  • Externally Defined Printer Files

File Processing

  • File Specifications
  • Full Procedural Processing
  • Keyed Processing
  • Opcodes
  • Error Handling
  • EXCEPT Operation
  • Fundamental File Loop
  • Output Specifications

File Access and Record Manipulation

  • Sequential Operations
  • Random Access
  • Composite Key Processing in RPG
  • Inserting New Records in Files
  • Updating and Deleting Records in Files
  • Record Locking

Simple Interactive Programming

  • Comparing Batch and Interactive Programs
  • DDS for Display Files
  • A Sample File Maintenance Program
  • Screen Design Aid
  • Printing Reports
  • Program Described Printing
  • Externally Described Printing
  • Printer File DDS

Compiling RPG IV Programs

  • Compile Step
  • Binding Step
  • CRTBNDRPG Command
  • Modules
  • Combining Multiple Modules

ILE Concepts

  • Modular Programming
  • Coding Subroutines
  • Subroutine Flow
  • Executing External Programs
  • CALL Operation
  • Passing Parameters
  • *ENTRY PLIST Operation
  • Prototype/Procedure Interface Definition
  • CALLP Operation

Coding and Calling Sub procedures

  • Subroutines vs. Sub procedures
  • Coding Procedures Within a Program
  • Coding Procedures in a Separate Modules
  • Passing Parameters by Reference/Value
  • Other Prototyping Options

Understanding Activation Groups

  • What are Activation Groups?
  • Default Activation Group
  • User Named Activation Group
  • *NEW Activation Group
  • *CALLER Activation Group
  • Activation Groups and File Overrides
  • Reclaiming Resources
  • Activation Groups and Shared File Opens

Static Binding and Service Programs

  • Binder Source
  • Creating a Service Program
  • Calling a Service Program

Customer Reviews

Thanks to Xpertised and the tutor who walked me through all the topics with Practical exposure which is helping me in my current project.

Course was quite helpful in terms of understanding of concepts and practicality. Its really a very friendly environment to learn. The timing were mutually chosen, as we both are working professional. I am quite satisfied with the course.


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