XML - Basics

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Course Overview

XML - Basics

Course Content


  • What is XML?
  • Background and History of XML
  • XML versus HTML
  • The uses and applications of XML.

Composing XML Documents

  • Syntax and composition.
  • XML Spy
  • Defining structure
  • Valid and Well Formed documents.
  • Parsing and validating XML documents
  • Namespaces and their uses

Data Binding

  • Creating a data island
  • Table data binding
  • Single-record data binding
  • Using Paging
  • Hierarchical record sets

Document Type Definitions (DTD's)

  • Internal and External DTD's
  • Document Type Declaration
  • Element Type Declaration
  • Attribute List Declaration
  • General Entities
  • Parameter Entities
  • Notations

XML Schemas

  • The Rules of XML Schemas
  • XML Schema Tags
  • Simple Data Types
  • Using Patterns
  • Useful Functions
  • Allowing Choices of Elements
  • Handling Attributes
  • Handling Empty Elements

XSL Transformation

  • What is Transformation?
  • When is it needed?
  • Cascading Style Sheets and XML
  • Extensible Style sheet Language (XSL)
  • XSL Syntax and composition.
  • Defining Simple Types and Complex Types
  • Using SAXON to transform XML documents
  • Transforming an XML document into an HTML document using XSL.
  • Transforming XML documents into XML documents with a different structure.
  • Transforming element based to attribute based XML (and vice versa)

The Document Object Model

  • Syntax of DOM
  • The DOM Structure
  • Manipulating XML documents using the Document Object Model
  • Useful Properties for all Node Types
  • NodeList Objects

XSLT Basics

  • eXtensible Stylesheet Language
  • An XSLT Stylesheet
  • xsl:template
  • xsl:value-of
  • Whitespace and xsl:text
  • Output Types
  • Text
  • XML
  • HTML
  • XSLT Elements and Attributes
  • xsl:element
  • xsl:attribute
  • Attributes and Curly Brackets


  • XPath in XSLT
  • XPath Expression
  • XPath Terminology
  • Context Node
  • Current Node
  • Context Size
  • Proximity Position
  • Location Paths
  • Axis
  • Node Test
  • Predicate
  • Accessing Nodes
  • Abbreviated Syntax
  • XPath Functions
  • XPath Operators

Flow Control in XSLT

  • Looping in XSLT
  • Sorting with XSLT
  • Looping and Sorting
  • Conditions with XSLT

XSLT Templates, Parameters and Variables

  • xsl:apply-templates
  • xsl:call-template
  • Passing Parameters
  • Removing Content
  • Template Modes
  • Template Priority
  • Default Priorities
  • Assigning Priorities
  • XSLT Variables

Multiple XML and XSLT Documents

  • Including XSLTs
  • Importing XSLTs
  • Conflict resolution
  • The document( ) Function


  • Advantages of SOAP
  • The SOAP Specification
  • HTTP
  • SOAP Request Document
  • SOAP Response Document

Customer Reviews

Thanks to Xpertised and the tutor who walked me through all the topics with Practical exposure which is helping me in my current project.

Course was quite helpful in terms of understanding of concepts and practicality. Its really a very friendly environment to learn. The timing were mutually chosen, as we both are working professional. I am quite satisfied with the course.


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