Microsoft Desktop Virtualization

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Course Overview

Microsoft Windows Desktop Virtualization training course provides Participants with the knowledge and skills to implement and manage desktop virtualization solutions. The Course provides an overview of virtualization and the various Microsoft products that Participants can use to implement and deploy a virtualization solution. This course explains how to configure and manage a MED-V deployment. Then, it describes the procedures for deploying an App-V solution by implementing App-V servers and clients and by sequencing applications. Microsoft Windows Desktop Virtualization course then covers the configuration of Remote Desktop Services and RemoteApp programs. Finally, the course describes the concept of user state virtualization and procedures for configuring the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Course Content

Overview of Desktop Virtualization Scenarios   

  • Overview of Virtualization
  • Overview of Virtualization Management
  • Planning an Application and Desktop Virtualization Deployment

Lab : Planning Desktop Virtualization Scenarios

  • Identifying Virtualization Solutions
  • Planning Desktop Virtualization Scenarios

Implementing Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode   

  • Installing Windows Virtual PC
  • Configuring Windows Virtual PC
  • Installing, Configuring, and Managing the Windows XP Mode
  • Creating and Deploying Custom Images of Windows XP Mode

Lab : Implementing Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode

  • Installing Windows Virtual PC
  • Using Windows XP Mode

Implementing Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization   

  • Overview of MED-V
  • Implementing MED-V Management Servers
  • Implementing a MED-V Client

Lab : Implementing MED-V

  • Configuring the Existing Infrastructure
  • Deploying the MED-V Server
  • Deploying the MED-V Client

Configuring and Deploying MED-V Images   

  • Configuring MED-V Images
  • Deploying MED-V Images

Lab : Configuring and Deploying MED-V Images

  • Creating MED-V Images
  • Testing MED-V Images
  • Updating, Packing, and Uploading the Image

Managing a MED-V Deployment   

  • Implementing the MED-V Workspace Policy
  • Working with MED-V Workspace
  • Reporting and Troubleshooting MED-V

Lab : Managing a MED-V deployment

  • Creating and Configuring a Workspace Policy
  • Using the MED-V Client
  • Implementing MED-V Reporting and Troubleshooting

Implementing Microsoft Application Virtualization   

  • Introduction to Application Virtualization
  • Planning for Application Virtualization
  • Deploying Application Virtualization Servers

Lab : Implementing Application Virtualization

  • Planning the App-V Implementation
  • Installing an App-V Management Server
  • Installing an App-V Streaming Server
  • Configuring a Client to Use the Streaming Server

Planning and Deploying App-V Clients   

  • Overview of the App-V Client
  • Installing and Configuring the App-V Client
  • Managing Client Configuration Features

Lab : Deploying the App-V Client in Stand-Alone Mode

  • Installing and Configuring the App-V Client
  • Installing a Stand-Alone Package

Lab : Managing Client Configuration Features

  • Configuring the App-V Client Properties
  • Configuring a Publishing Server for the App-V Client
  • Configuring Applications by Using the Desktop Client
  • Installing and Configuring Settings by Using the Group Policy App-V Template

Managing and Administering Application Virtualization   

  • Using the Application Virtualization Management Console
  • Publishing Applications into the App-V Environment
  • Performing Advanced Administration Tasks for Application Virtualization

Lab : Publishing Applications in the App-V Environment

  • Configuring System Options
  • Managing App-V Administrators
  • Publishing and Configuring an Application
  • Verifying Application Permissions

Lab : Implementing License Enforcement

  • Publishing an Application
  • Creating a License Group
  • Creating a New Provider Policy
  • Testing License Enforcement

Sequencing Applications for Virtualization   

  • Overview of Application Sequencing
  • Planning and Configuring the Sequencer Environment
  • Performing Application Sequencing
  • Advanced Sequencing Scenarios

Lab : Sequencing Applications for Virtualization

  • Installing the App-V Sequencer
  • Sequencing an Application
  • Deploying and Testing the Application
  • Upgrading and Redeploying the Application
  • Sequencing a Hard-Coded Application

Configuring Remote Desktop Services and RemoteApp   

  • Overview of RDS
  • Publishing RemoteApp by Using RDS
  • Accessing RemoteApp Programs from Clients

Lab : Configuring RDS and RemoteApp Programs

  • Preparing the RDS Environment
  • Publishing RemoteApp Programs
  • Accessing Published RemoteApp Programs

Implementing User State Virtualization   

  • Overview of User State
  • Configuring Roaming Profiles and Folder Redirection

Lab : Implementing User State Virtualization

  • Configuring and Testing Roaming Profiles
  • Configuring and Testing Folder Redirection
  • Configuring Offline Files

Configuring Virtual Desktop Infrastructure   

  • Overview of Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V
  • Introduction to VDI
  • Configuring Personal and Pooled Virtual Desktops

Lab : Configuring Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • Configuring RDS Infrastructure for VDI
  • Configuring a Virtual Machine for VDI
  • Configuring and Testing the Personal Virtual Desktop
  • Configuring and Testing User State Virtualization and the Virtual Desktop Pool

Summary of Desktop Virtualization Technologies   

  • Review of Desktop Virtualization Technologies
  • Real-World Usage Scenarios

Customer Reviews

Thanks to Xpertised and the tutor who walked me through all the topics with Practical exposure which is helping me in my current project.

Course was quite helpful in terms of understanding of concepts and practicality. Its really a very friendly environment to learn. The timing were mutually chosen, as we both are working professional. I am quite satisfied with the course.


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