Quick Test Professional Level-1

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Course Overview

QTP 11.5 Level-1 training course provides an overview of QTP Basics. QTP course is mainly focused on QTP IDE covering the various built-in features provided by the tool. QTP course involves less scripting and hence primarily meant for those who are new to test automation and want to gain first-hand knowledge/ understand the tool's built-in capabilities. QTP course includes more real-time examples & hands-on exercises of various automation techniques which reinforce the vocabulary and processes.

Course Content


  • Overview of QuickTest Professional
  • Understanding the Testing Process of QTP
  • Overview of QTP Interface & various Panes
  • Customizing the QuickTest Window Layout
  • Overview of Add-in Manager and its uses with different types of Add-ins
  • Overview on New Add-ins, Features & Enhancements in QTP 11.0

Creating, Running, Debugging and Analyzing Tests

  • Planning and Preparing to Create a Test
  • Recording a Test
  • Analyzing Recorded test through Keyword and Expert View
  • Understanding the QuickTest Recorded Object Hierarchy
  • Managing Recorded Steps in Keyword and Expert View
  • Overview of Active Screen and its Uses
  • Running the Recorded Test
  • Analyzing Results using Unified Model of Result

Different Modes of Recording & their real-time practical uses

  • Normal/Standard Recording
    • Record and run test on any open application
    • Record and run test on specific application
  • Analog Recording
    • Record relative to the screen
    • Record relative to the window
  • Low-level Recording

QTP Screen Recorder
Synchronizing Tests

QTP Test Object Model

  • Identifying QTP hierarchical Object classes for win & web Applications
  • Object spy & its uses
  • Step generator

Object Repository

  • Overview of Object Identification for win & web Applications
  • Viewing and Modifying Test Object Properties
  • Adding, Deleting, Copying, Pasting and Moving Objects in the Object Repository
  • Locating Objects

Testing Objects with dynamically changing contents

  • Overview of Regular Expression
  • Using Regular Expression in Object Description & Checkpoints

Data-Driven Testing by using Data Tables

  • Using Data Driver Wizard
  • Data Driven testing by importing Data from a Database
  • Data Driven testing by importing Data from an external Spreadsheets flat files
  • Importing & Exporting Data tables
  • Accessing Data Table Contents during Run-time
  • DataTable Objects & its uses through scripting
  • Data driving by Random Number generation   
  • Overview of Environment variables   
    • Built-in   
    • User-Defined
  • Data driving by Environment variables   
    • Internal user defined Environment variable   
    • External user defined Environment variable


  • Overview of Actions
  • Creating, Renaming and Removing of Actions
  • Guidelines for Working with Multiple Actions
  • Setting Action Properties
  • Nesting Actions
  • Splitting Actions
  • Inserting Calls to Existing Actions
  • Setting Action Parameters
  • Setting Action Call Properties
  • Understanding Action Syntax in the Expert View
  • Exiting an Action
  • Working with Global and Action Sheets

Testing AUT using Checkpoints

  • Types of Checkpoints for Window Applications
    • Standard Checkpoint
    • Bitmap Checkpoint
    • Text Checkpoint & Text Area Checkpoint
    • Configuring Text Recognition Preferences
    • Table of Content Checkpoint
  • Types of Checkpoints for Web Applications
    • Browser Checkpoint
    • Page Checkpoint
    • Text Checkpoint & Text Area Checkpoint
    • Image Checkpoint
    • Bitmap Checkpoint
    • Table Checkpoint
    • Accessibility Checkpoint
  • Types of Checkpoints for Databases
    • Database Checkpoint
  • Types of Checkpoints for XML
    • XML Checkpoint (for .xml file)
    • XML Checkpoint (for Web XML)

Testing AUT using Programming Logic

  • Validating Objects by retrieving their property value through scripting technique
  • Using Conditional Statements
  • Using Loop Statements
  • Generating Messages
  • Adding Comments
  • Reporting status to Reporter Window using Reporter Object

Creating Output Values

  • Creating Standard Output Values
  • Creating Page Output Values, Text Output Values
  • Creating XML, Table & Database Output Values

Using Active Screen

  • Using Active Screen to change object properties
  • Using Active Screen to change method arguments
  • Using Active Screen to insert new checkpoints on new objects
  • Using Active Screen to insert new output values on new objects

Customer Reviews

Thanks to Xpertised and the tutor who walked me through all the topics with Practical exposure which is helping me in my current project.

Course was quite helpful in terms of understanding of concepts and practicality. Its really a very friendly environment to learn. The timing were mutually chosen, as we both are working professional. I am quite satisfied with the course.


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