Advanced Java Web Services

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Course Overview

Advanced Java Web Services Training course is split between two larger modules, each of which falls on one side of the fence: either SOAP services with JAX-WS, or RESTful services with JAX-RS. Advanced Java Web Services course covers SOAP, WSDL, and both WSDL-driven and Java-driven development paths for JAX-WS, as well as client-side development. Participants will also work with the Jersey implementation of JAX-RS to create RESTful services, from simple single-value interactions to more sophisticated services that manage CRUD (create/retrieve/update/delete) operations on more complex data types, using JAXB to marshal and unmarshal data over the wire.

Course Content

Transport Protocols in SOAP

  • HttpConduit

Using Https as transport protocol

  • Configuring conduit for SSL
  • Configuring HttpDestination on the server
  • Generating crypto key
  • Configuring tomcat to support SSL
  • Configuring Https in Jetty

Using JMS as transport protocol

  • Configuring Jms as transport protocol in Wsdl
  • Configuring address of jms destination
    • Using JMS uri
    • Using Wsdl extensions
  • Configuring Jms endpoint uing JMS

CXF Interceptors,Features and Invokers

  • What are interceptors?
  • Interceptor Phases
  • Interceptor Chainl
  • Implementing Custom Interceptor
    • Client Side Interceptors
    • Server Side Interceptors
  • Features in CXF
    • Implementing Custom Feature
  • Invokers In CXF
    • Implementing Custom Invoker

Restful Webservices

  • What are restful webservices ?
  • RESTful architectural principles
  • Addressibility
  • Uniform Constrained interface
  • Representation Oriented
  • Communicate statelessly

Developing a JAX-RS RESTful Service
Http Method and URI matching

  • Binding Http methods
  • @Path
  • @Path expressions
  • Matrix parameters
  • Subresource Locators
  • Dynamic Dispatching
  • @PathParam
  • @MatrixParam
  • @QueryParam
  • @FormParam
  • @HeaderParam
  • @CookieParam
  • @DefaultValue
  • @Encoded

Developing JAX-RS webservice Client
JAX-RS Content Handlers

  • byte[]
  • String, char[]
  • MultivaluedMap and Form Input
  • javax.xml.transform.Source


  • Intro to JAXB
  • JAXB JAX-RS Handlers
  • JAXB and JSON
  • JSON and JSON Schema
  • Custom Marshalling
  • MessageBodyWriter
  • MessageBodyReader
  • Life Cycle and Environment

Http Content negotiation

  • What is content negotiation?
  • Language Negotiation
  • Encoding Negotiation
  • JAX-RS and Content Negotiation
  • Negotiation by URI Patterns
  • Negotiation using headers

Scaling JAX-RS Applications

  • Caching
  • Http Caching
  • Expires Header
  • Cache-Control
  • Revalidation and Conditional GET
  • JAXRS and Conditional Updates

Securing JAX-RS

  • Authentication
  • Basic Authentication
  • Digest Authentication
  • Authorization in JAX-RS
  • Authorization Annotations
  • Enforcing encryption
  • Programmatic Security

Wrapping up with differences between SOAP and REST

Customer Reviews

Thanks to Xpertised and the tutor who walked me through all the topics with Practical exposure which is helping me in my current project.

Course was quite helpful in terms of understanding of concepts and practicality. Its really a very friendly environment to learn. The timing were mutually chosen, as we both are working professional. I am quite satisfied with the course.


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