Core Java - Advanced

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Course Overview

Core Java Advanced Training Module is designed to introduce Java programmers to learning Advanced Java concepts. The Advanced Core Java training course examines common language features and APIs required to develop complex stand-alone Java applications. Advanced Core Java builds on the Introduction to Java course and examines things like advanced OO concepts, threaded programming, logging, I18N, custom collections, formatting, reflection, network programming, custom annotations, etc.

Course Content

Collection framework

  • Core interfaces and classes: Set, List, Map, NavigableMap, Queue, Dequeue, NavigableSet
  • equals(), hashcode() methods
  • Choosing best collection API based on different situations
  • Sorting and Searching
  • Usage of java.util.Collections class


  • Wildcard instantiation
  • Template classes
  • Generic methods
  • Generics and arrays
  • Restrictions with Exceptions, Enumsetc

Special classes

  • Class class
  • Reflection
  • Immutable classes

Threading Model

  • Threads in Java
  • The Thread class
  • Creating new threads
  • Stopping and controlling threads
  • Synchronisation issues
  • Deadlock
  • Inter-thread communications through wait/notify
  • Java Concurrent Utilities
  • Task Scheduling Framework
  • Callables and Futures
  • Synchronizers
  • Concurrent Collections
  • Atomic Variables


  • Using Locale Classes
  • Using Resource Bundles in Java

Serialization and Externalization
Patterns and Matchers

  • Introduction to regular expression
  • java.util.regex package
  • Creating Pattern
  • Finding Pattern Matchers
  • Getting Results


  • Enums, EnumSet and EnumMap


  • How to use and create Annotations

Customer Reviews

Thanks to Xpertised and the tutor who walked me through all the topics with Practical exposure which is helping me in my current project.

Course was quite helpful in terms of understanding of concepts and practicality. Its really a very friendly environment to learn. The timing were mutually chosen, as we both are working professional. I am quite satisfied with the course.


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