Intermediate Python

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Course Overview

Intermediate Python training course begins with a quick review of core Python concepts. It then transitions into an in-depth look into advanced Python concepts, syntax and libraries. Along the way, you will learn the ins-and-outs of writing multithread programs with Python, creating network aware applications using both Sockets and URLs, and applying Test-Driven Development concepts with unit test. Intermediate Python course concludes with a quick overview of the Django Web development framework.

Course Content

Python Syntax Review   

  • Ensuring a proper setup of Python
  • Review basic Python syntax
  • If/then/else & loops
  • Functions and exceptions
  • Decorators

Generators and iterators   

  • iter(), iter, and next()
  • Understanding the yield statement
  • Creating generator expressions
  • Loop comprehensions

Context managers   

  • What is a context manage
  • The 'with' statement
  • Working with a context manager: contextlib.closing, enter and exit
  • Using contextlib.contextmanager

Testing Python   

  • Review of key texting concepts: unit, functional, integration, etc.
  • Overview of test-driven development concepts
  • Writing tests unit test with a test-first approach
  • Unit testing with the unittest module
  • Creating test suites with nosetests as a test collector
  • Performing simple code coverage analysis with coverage

Introducing logging   

  • Importance of logging
  • Basic logging concepts within Python
  • Using basicConig to set up loggers, handlers, formatters
  • Using ?leConig for more complex logger configurations


  • Threading v. multi-processing
  • Core Threading Concepts
  • Key threading constructs
  • Building a simple multi-thread program
  • Preventing data corruption through mutex and events for synchronization
  • Using Queue.Queue


  • Threading v. multi-processing (part II)
  • Core Multiprocessing Concepts
  • Using the subprocess module
  • Using the multiprocessing module

Network Programming   

  • Review of network programming concepts and protocol layers
  • Network programming support within Python
  • Fetching web resources with urllib/urllib2
  • Sending email with smtplib
  • Creating client-server like applications using sockets
  • Creating a simple JSON-REST client

Introduction to Web application development with Django   

Customer Reviews

Thanks to Xpertised and the tutor who walked me through all the topics with Practical exposure which is helping me in my current project.

Course was quite helpful in terms of understanding of concepts and practicality. Its really a very friendly environment to learn. The timing were mutually chosen, as we both are working professional. I am quite satisfied with the course.


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