Adobe Digital Publishing Suite with InDesign CC

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Course Overview

The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite with InDesign CC training course teaches participants how to use the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite family, which enables you to publish apps for iPad and other tablets.

Course Content

The Future of Publishing

  • Single, Professional, and Enterprise Workflows
  • Differences between iOS and Android viewers
  • Understanding DPS Account Roles
  • Using Adobe ID for Digital Publishing
  • Digital Publishing Suite Pricing Options
  • Prerequisites and System Requirements
  • Installing Digital Publishing Tools
  • Digital Publishing Suite Resources

Document Design

  • Consider Digital "Page" Orientation
  • Smooth Scroll Articles
  • Swipe Articles Horizontally
  • Snap to Page Articles
  • Pinch and Zoom for Articles

Creating Documents

  • Guidelines for Creating Documents
  • Understanding DPS Tool Versions
  • Differences Between PDF and JPG/PNG Image Format for DPS
  • Documents with Horizontal and Vertical Orientation
  • Snap to Page Document
  • Smooth Scrolling Articles
  • Documents for Multiple Devices
  • Documents for the Retina iPad
  • Content for the iPhone
  • Folder Structure for Importing Articles
  • Folders for Imported Articles
  • Source Documents in CS6
  • Source Documents in CS5 or CS5.5
  • Creating a New DPS Document
  • Overview of Liquid Layouts and Alternative Layouts
  • Understanding Liquid Layouts Rules
  • Using the Page Tool and Liquid Layout
  • Liquid Page Rule as Object-Based
  • Liquid Page Rule as Guide-Based
  • Liquid Page Rule as Re-Center or Scale
  • Liquid Page Rule Controlled from the Master Page
  • Alternative Layouts
  • Text Frame Options with Flexible Widths
  • Utilizing Flexible Width
  • Working in a Split Layout View
  • Auto Size Text Frames
  • Place and Link Objects
  • Web Content Overlays- HTML Animation Using Adobe Edge


  • Explore Methods to Create Overlays
  • Identify Supported and Unsupported Interactivity Features
  • Best Practices for Creating Overlays
  • Folio Overlays Panel Basics

Buttons and Hyperlink Overlays

  • Review the Supported and Unsupported Interactive Features
  • Links Using the Buttons Panel
  • Links Using the Hyperlinks Panel
  • Links to Other Articles
  • navto Hyperlinks for HTML Articles
  • Assets in the HTML Resources Folder
  • Links to External Apps and Services
  • Control the Appearance of Hyperlinks and Slideshows in the Viewer

Slideshow Overlays

  • Multistate Object
  • Slideshow Overlay Settings

Image Sequence Overlays

  • Image Sequence Overlay
  • Image Sequence Settings

Audio and Video Overlays

  • Audio and Video Formats
  • Placing an Audio File into an Article
  • Adding a Progressive Playback Skin
  • Audio Overlay Settings
  • Placing an Video File into an Article
  • Video Overlay Settings
  • Specifying a Poster Frame

Panorama Overlay

  • Panorama File
  • Panorama Overlay Settings
  • Creating a Panorama File with Third Party App

Pan and Zoom Overlays

  • Large Dimension Image File
  • Pan and Zoom Overlay Settings

Scrollable Frames and Interactive Overlays

  • Simple Image and Text Frames
  • Simple Scrollable Image Frame Using "Paste Into"
  • Simple Scrollable Text Frame
  • Scrollable Frames with Multiple Objects
  • Nesting Interactive Overlays
  • Interactive Overlay Functions to Scrollable Frame Content

Web Content Overlays

  • Web Content to an Article Page
  • "Local" HTML Web Content
  • "Twitter" Feed
  • Web Content Overlay Settings
  • "Insert HTML."

Interactive Overlays

  • Nested Interactive Overlays with Pan and Zoom
  • Scrolling Frame Trick with Trays
  • Nested Interactive Overlays with Slideshows
  • Nested Interactive Overlays with Scrollable Frames
  • Buttons with Multiple Actions

Adding Interactivity an Overview of New Apps

  • Adding Animation and Interactivity
  • Using Edge with inDesign
  • Using Muse with inDesign

Creating Folios

  • Exploring the Folio Builder Panel
  • Sign into Folio Builder Panel
  • Create a Folio
  • Folio Properties
  • Offline Folio
  • Sharing and Deleting Folios

Creating Articles and Layouts

  • Create an Article from an Open Document
  • Add a Layout to an Article
  • Structuring Folders for Imported Articles
  • Importing a Folder of InDesign Documents
  • Import an HTML Article

Managing Articles with Folio Builder

  • Add and Change Article Properties
  • Edit and Update an Article
  • Copy an Article to Another Folio
  • Rename and Delete an Article
  • Change the Order of Articles
  • Relink Articles to the Source Files

Managing Articles with DPS Dashboard Folio Producer

  • DPS "Single Edition" Features
  • Publishing Overview
  • Digital Publishing Suite Dashboard
  • Folio Producer Organizer
  • Change Folio Publishing Settings
  • Folio Producer- Editor
  • Content Order in a Folio and Sharing Articles Between Folios
  • Importing HTML Resources

Preview Folios and Articles

  • Using the Desktop Viewer to Preview Content
  • Offline Folios
  • Preview Folios on iPad or iPhone
  • Navigate Using the Viewer
  • Using the Android Viewer to Preview Content
  • Use Preview on Device: Generic App
  • Use Preview on Device: Custom App

Single Folio Viewer App

  • Export Folios for Single Folio Viewer
  • Download and Test the Viewer App
  • Submit and Manage the Viewer App

Viewer Builder

  • Checklist for Multi-Folio Viewer for iPad and IPhone
  • Checklist for Multi-Folio Viewer fo Android and Amazon
  • Create a Custom Viewer App for the iPad and iPhone
  • Viewer Details Panel
  • Entitlement Details Panel (Enterprise)
  • Subscription Details Panel
  • Icons and Splash Screen Panel
  • Newsstand
  • Navigation Toolbar Panel (Enterprise)
  • Social Sharing
  • Provisioning Panel
  • Build Details Panel
  • Downloading and Testing the Viewer App
  • Submitting and Managing the Viewer App

Create a Custom Viewer App for Android and Amazon Fire Devices

  • Checklist for Custom Viewer App for Amazon Appstore
  • Workflow Checklist
  • Create a Custom Viewer App for Android Devices
  • Entitlement Details (Enterprise)
  • Subscription Details
  • Icons and Splash Screen Panel
  • Navigation Toolbar Panel (Enterprise)
  • Provisioning Panel
  • Build Details Panel
  • Download and Test the Android Viewer App

Analytics Service

  • Analytics for Professional & Enterprise
  • SiteCatalyst Overview for Professional and Enterprise

Developer Program

  • iOS Publishing for Professional and Enterprise App
  • iOS Publishing for Single Edition App
  • Android Publishing Professional and Enterprise App
  • Amazon Publishing Professional and Enterprise App


  • Installation issues
  • Troubleshoot Adobe Content Viewer and custom viewer apps
  • Troubleshoot Content Bundler
  • Other Tips from the Instructor

Customer Reviews

Thanks to Xpertised and the tutor who walked me through all the topics with Practical exposure which is helping me in my current project.

Course was quite helpful in terms of understanding of concepts and practicality. Its really a very friendly environment to learn. The timing were mutually chosen, as we both are working professional. I am quite satisfied with the course.


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